The 4 apps drivers download each serve a different purpose. Bringg is the driver app used for performing deliveries, see the Bringg Driver App Walkthrough video above. Slack is an app used for communicating. Drivers can use Slack to quickly communicate with the Dispatch Team in the event there is an issue with an order. The Dispatch Team oversees the routing of orders and can move orders or help to resolve issues when they arise (EX: Customer not answering door, Accidentally dropping an order to the wrong customer etc..). Humanity is used for driver scheduling. Drivers can use Humanity to pickup openshifts on their own or to easily see their scheduled shift times for a given week see Picking up Openshifts in Humanity video above. Instant Financial is used for driver tip payments. When picking up your delivery materials there will be an envelope containing your Instant Card inside of the red delivery bag, see Setting Up Instant Account video above which explains how to set up your Instant Account. As you set up your Instant account, when it asks for workplace our workplaces are: 

Nantucket: ACKeats LLC

​Martha's Vineyard: Martha's Vineyard

After getting set up the Market Manager will reach out to you about your availability. If possible, we recommend setting up a recurring schedule where you select specific days/times that work for you which will repeat weekly. For drivers that are not able to do that we recommend checking in with the market manager weekly to let them know your availability each week. You can also pickup available openshifts in Humanity whenever you'd like, watch the video above to see how. Keep in mind that even when a shift starts you still need to check yourself in on the Bringg Driver App. 

We do ask that you only provide shift times that you are positive you’ll be able to fill. We ask that if you won't be able to make a shift you notify the market manager at least 2 Days in advance to give time to find another driver to cover your shift. 

In order to be an eligible driver you will need to have car insurance. If you plan on using your parents car and the insurance is under their name you will need to have your name added to the policy in order to drive. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do. It is typically recommended in general to have your name on your parents policy if you use their car frequently and in some states it is even required.  Also, your parents can rest assured as adding your name to their policy will very rarely raise the premium and can sometimes even lower it. Adding your name to the policy can typically be done online or with a brief phone call to the insurance company. See this article for some more information.

You will be your own boss working as an independent driver within our Driver Network. For every completed order you will receive 100% of tips through the Instant app, paid daily and 100% of the delivery fee minus roughly .60 cents, paid weekly. The fees below outline the *Delivery Fee Commission Breakdown*  on exactly how it works. Delivery fees are based on the distance from pick up to drop off. The base delivery fee is $2.99 and each mile driven is an additional .60¢ up to 5 miles where it then becomes .99¢ per mile. The delivery fee can range from $2.99 to roughly $10.99 based on the distance.   

*Delivery Fee Commission Breakdown

Gross Delivery Fee * $2.99-$10.99

DDI Administration Fee -$0.35-$0.55

Ack Eats Service Fee -$1.05

Ack Eats Marketing Credit to Driver +$1.00

Net to Driver $3.34-$10.34

Drivers can reduce their DDI Administration fee by providing additional materials to DDI when setting up their accounts. Drivers who consistently use their thermal heat bags will receive a $1 Marketing Credit on each order. 

To summarize, Drivers will receive the Gross Delivery Fee - the DDI Administration Fee - The ACK Eats Service + the ACK Eats Marketing Credit. This comes out to the Gross Delivery Fee minus .60-.40 cents per order.

We have calculated that historically the average order comes out to roughly $11 in earnings for the driver. Also make sure to check out our bonus opportunities below to see how you can earn more! Remember, the more you drive, the more orders you receive, the more orders you receive the more you earn! The cool thing is that if you’ve got some time between orders, you can spend that time doing whatever you'd like! (We suggest binge watching Netflix. Grabbing a Bite To Eat or Reading a Good Book.)

You are paid in two ways using Instant for receiving your tips and DDI for receiving Delivery Fee payments.

Instant- You will receive an Instant card, download the Instant app and setup an account prior to working your first shift. You will be paid your tips DAILY. At the end of each day you work, you will receive a push notification to your Instant app notifying you that 100% of your tips from that day are now available in your Instant account. Using the Instant app you will be able to transfer the funds directly to your bank account, take cash out of an ATM or use your Instant card the same way you would use any other debit card to buy things. For more information on what you can do with Instant click here.

DDI- DDI will process delivery fee payments every Monday. When filling out your paperwork on DDI you can opt to receive Delivery Fee payments on Tuesday's or Friday's.

To maximize earnings you will want to ensure that you are driving multiple days a week as well as driving during the Rush Periods. There are 2 Rush Periods each day, the Lunch Rush and Dinner Rush. The time frames for each are as follows...

​Lunch Rush: 11AM-2:30PM

Dinner Rush: 4:30PM-8:30PM

Drivers who earn the most typically have repeating weekly shifts setup during one or both of the rush periods. These drivers typically drive 5 days a week or more.

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